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THE CABIN 2. Fabrica de Sabão. Luanda, Angola.

With the support of the Spanish Embassy in Angola, I took the project " I was here. The Cabin" to the fabrica de Sabao in Luanda. The Fabrica is located in one of the most populated museeques (favela) of the city. The inhabitants could interact with the installation by means of writings, drawings and signs to leave a trace of their existence while creating a collective piece. The project took here an unexpected turn given by the socio economic context: a community project. This intervention took place during the month of December 2017 as a pilot project and the cabin is currently in Angola.

"The cabin" is a wooden construction in the form of a "hut" that collects human traces on a localized space. These traces are individual expressions that, on its whole, result on a collective piece representing the collective mind of a community or collective. Inspired on public toilets, the cabin aims to re-create the same freedom of speech and anonymous status of the participants that we indeed find on the walls of some public toilets or former telephone booths. All the surfaces of the cabin are suitable to be written on, engraved and used by the public who are ultimate participants and authors of a common piece.

The cabin is against the principle of quality; a construction that feels accessible and non-intimidatory to the public. An installation non perceived as art. This accessibility is the working line that allows the development of the project: a spontaneous and free approach to the cabin. By freely linking one person with another , I seek to increase the awareness of voluntary cooperation between one person and another, without the possibility of one individual dominating another.

Easy mounted and de-mounted, it is meant as a nomad installation and suitable to “travel” across communities to facilitate the conversation among different collectives.

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