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During the Love expo at CC Nova, I presented a very personal story via installation: "Holding on to Love" . A living room situation around a chess game, where time and space stopped..

"He left unexpectedly. When I entered the room his air was still there; as if he could step in any time... but he didn't. I did not want to open the windows, I did not want that air to leave. I still hold on to that air, to that living room where we played chess. Don't clean up yet, we still have a game to play, and this time, I'll win."

White win in 2 movements by Charles Morphy.

Chess problem created by Charles Morphy by the age of 10.

A parental love story. To my father , Fernando Tafalla Cartagena.

O T H E R  I N T E R V E N T I O N S
S E A R C H  B Y  T A G S
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