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INTERVENTION Sterckshof . Multitude

Invited by multitude to create an intervention in-situ, I infested the Sterckshof castle, former Silver museum, with 16,000 plastic balls in form of a static and a participatory installation. Visitors and residents became accidental or active players in this installation that re-invented the way the public approached the museum.“Our goal was to give the historic Sterckshof Castle a new role to play as a house for modern artistic creators. Carolina Tafalla’s project took this ambition to a whole new level. Without touching the historical context, she inserted her artistic vision in this ancient place and gave birth to a unique congregation of the old and the new. Many people who had known the castle for many years rediscovered it as never before.” - Luk Lemmens chairman executive council Province of Antwerp

O T H E R  I N T E R V E N T I O N S
S E A R C H  B Y  T A G S
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