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INTERVENTION. Born in Antwerp.

It's a trap is a participatory installation that took off first at the Sterckshof castle. The second intervention, of this project, took place at Born in Antwerp, a hangar in the harbour of Antwerp where the city of Antwerp hosted the local creative industries.

“We had a wonderful time with the balls! Some kids made it their daily routine to collect as many balls as possible everyday to make their own pool. As it is a social project, we didn’t interfere and didn’t want to curb their enthousiasm too. The net is the same story, we had a party in the wooden structure, and some guys looked out for stairs and loosened the net on top of the party, we didn’t want to stop them because of the social aspect, it was great fun to see the balls flying through the party! Next days the kids collected them all.” Joris Goorden - producer @ cultural projects at the city of Antwerp

O T H E R  I N T E R V E N T I O N S
S E A R C H  B Y  T A G S
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